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T&I Credit Union Receives a 5-Star Rating - 20 Plus
Since 1983 BauerFinancial, Inc has been analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry and has earned the reputation of "the nations's bank rating service".

Each bank and credit union is required to file a detailed financial report with federal regulators four times a year. BauerFinancial obtains this data in its raw form from the government. The quarterly data is subjected to a thorough analysis and is compared with historical data for consistency. Upon completion of the analysis, a star-rating is assigned based on a scale of zero to five stars with five stars being the strongest.

With that in mind, T&I Credit Union is very proud to announce that Bauer Financial Inc. has awarded T&I Credit Union a 5-star rating for over 20 plus years!

Protection Against Fraud
Please update your phone number and email address on your VISA and/or T&I account.   REMEMBER your credit union staff WILL NOT call you and ask for information about you or your account. We will at times questions transactions, and request a reply.  Michigan state law requires a transaction to be made to your account to avoid
escheating. Have you made a transaction within the last few years?

Safe-Deposit-Boxes Available
A limited number of safe-deposit boxes are available for rent on a firstcome, first-served basis. So, don’t delay. Stop by T&I today to rent a box or for additional information (talk to Krisen).
Rates have not changed in over 20 years     Available Sizes:       5x5x24 – $25        3x10x24 – $30        5x10x24 – $40        10x10x24 – $70