Debit/ATM Card

Not only can you use your T&I Credit Union Mastercard (Debit Card) to make purchases just about anywhere, but you also get reward points for doing so.

  • Request to order a debit card at anytime after opening a checking account.
  • Earn uChoose Reward points with debit card purchases
    • For every $2 spent, earn 1 point
  • Access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMS around the world through MoneyPass Network
  • To report a lost or stolen Mastercard (Debit Card), call: 1-800-554-8969


Wire Transfer

Give the following information to the financial institution that will be performing the wire transfer:

  • Name of Financial Institution funds are going to:
    • Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
    • City: Southfield MI
    • ABA# 272 478 075
    • For further credit to T& I Credit union
    • ABA# 272 485 547
    • For Final Credit To “your name” & “your account number” with the suffix for saving (000) or checking (010)
  • Example: If your account number for checking is 99999 would be given as 99999010 for wire transfer purposes.
  • For further information regarding loan wires or any other wire information, please contact T&I Credit Union at (248) 588-6688

Domestic Wire Transfer Form

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Get important documents notarized for free.

Speak with a T&I Credit Union representative for more details and restrictions.

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Safety Deposit Box

Safety deposit boxes can be purchased on a first come/first serve basis.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Available Sizes


5 x 5 x 24

$25 Yearly

3 x 10 x 24

$30 Yearly

5 x 10 x 24

$40 Yearly

10 x 10 x 24

$70 Yearly

 *Late payments may result in a fee. See member service rep for details

 Check for availability by calling the office at: 248-588-6688


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