Credit Union Loans in Troy

Credit unions offer great loan opportunities with relatively low interest rates. Credit union loans can help you pay off high interest credit card debt or cover unexpected expenses.

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Covering big purchases

If you’re ready to make a big purchase, but you don’t have the cash funds to cover the expense, a credit union loan can advance you the funds for affordable APRs.

T&I Credit Union offers vehicle loans, including RV, motorcycle, watercraft, and auto loans. You can purchase a new or used vehicle and pay for the investment over time.

We also offer student loans to help people invest in their future. Student loans can help you fund your education, and you don’t have to begin to pay back the debt until you graduate.

Home improvement loans are a great way to get the funds you need to make repairs and improvements on your home.

Covering unexpected expenses

If you don’t have expansive savings, you might be unable to cover surprise expenses as they happen. Personal loans can help you fund expenses as you need them and pay back the balance over time.

Signature loans are unsecured loan options that provide advanced funds to be used at your discretion. You can use these funds to cover medical expenses or other emergencies.

Debt consolidation and refinancing

You may have multiple sources of debt or payments with high interest rates that make your monthly payments cumbersome and expensive. A debt consolidation personal loan can help you simplify and economize the repayment experience.

Mortgage and vehicle refinancing options can help you lower the cost of your large monthly payments.

Other financial services

In addition to loans, T&I Credit Union offers savings and checking accounts. You can get account access from anywhere with our debit cards and online banking options.

T&I Credit Union cares about your financial wellbeing, so we also offer financial counseling services and other money management enhancement opportunities.

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T&I Credit Union is a trusted financial institution that offers affordable loans so you can get back on your feet.

Become a member to access our great loan opportunities. Call us today at (248) 397-9345 to learn more about how we can help you reach financial security.


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