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Credit unions are an excellent lending option for a wide range of loans. As community-owned and run financial institutions, they offer competitive rates, flexible loan terms, and additional services, like online banking and financial education resources.

At T&I Credit Union, we offer personal, home, and vehicle loans. We also provide student loans and debt consolidation loans to help our members receive the funds to cover their expenses.

Personal Loans From T&I Credit Union

You can use a personal loan for many reasons, from paying for a wedding to covering unexpected expenses like medical bills. To qualify for a personal loan, you must undergo a credit review from a T&I loan officer. While your credit score is likely to impact your rate options and loan terms, we are happy to work with all members for loan approval, even those with a poor credit history.

If your credit score is low, we offer several financial wellness services to help you improve your situation and qualify for more favorable rates. With our standard personal loans, you receive a lump sum and agree to repay it with interest via a fixed monthly payment for a set number of years.

You don’t have to provide collateral for our unsecured loans, which can benefit our members who need a loan but don’t have assets to secure it against.

At T&I Credit Union, we offer a diverse range of personal loans. Each loan type has different uses, interest rates, and approval requirements, depending on your financial circumstances.

Credit card loan

While a credit card isn’t usually considered a personal loan, it is an excellent way to secure funds and borrow against your future. At T&I Credit Union, our uChoose rewards program lets you earn one point for every $2 you spend with debit cards and one point for every $1 with your credit card.

Timely repayments on your credit card ensure you don’t pay excess charges on your purchases. Credit cards are also a highly effective way to build credit and improve your FICO score.

Debt consolidation

Personal loans provide an excellent opportunity to consolidate multiple high-interest debts into a single, manageable monthly loan payment. We offer 36, 48, and 60-month debt consolidation loans worth up to $20,000, pending credit review and borrower qualifications.

Life loan

A life loan is a short-term T&I Credit Union personal loan used to cover a holiday or wedding. These are available in 12 or 24-month terms and provide up to $2,500 for holidays and $10,000 for weddings.

Student loan

Student loans are essential for covering your long-term education costs. We partner with Student Choice to offer student loan options with flexible terms and competitive loan rates. Consider applying with a cosigner for the best available deal.

Applying for a personal loan

At T&I Credit Union, we offer a comprehensive digital banking experience. You can begin the loan process online through a simple application. Get a loan financing estimate from our online loan calculator if you’re not quite ready to formally start the application process.


Home Loans From T&I Credit Union

T&I Credit Union is happy to assist you with purchasing a home, whether you’re a first-time buyer or upgrading to a larger property. We offer multiple mortgage options, including 20 and 30-year fixed conventional home loans. Our mortgage application process is straightforward and convenient.

We use a streamlined online hub that allows you to monitor rates, calculate loan payments, and begin the application.

Mortgage loan refinancing

We are happy to facilitate mortgage refinancing, enabling you to receive improved rates and more favorable terms. Mortgage refinancing with T&I Credit Union requires a minimal application fee of $500, closing fees of $1,499, and no escrow.

Home equity lines of credit

You may qualify for equity loans if you’ve built equity on your home through years of timely repayments. This type of loan uses the equity on your home to provide a line of credit, which you can use for home improvements, repairs, and unexpected emergencies. The line of credit is accessible for up to 10 years.

Home improvement loans

We offer 36, 48, and 60-month home improvement loans if you need to finance home improvements. Depending on a credit review and the agreed terms, you can receive up to $20,000 at 6% APR.

Auto Loans From T&I Credit Union

At T&I Credit Union, we provide auto loans for a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs and campers
  • Watercraft (pontoons, deck boats, ski boats, and fishing boats)

As with other loan offers, the rates are dependent on a credit review. We also consider factors like the length of the loan and how much of a down payment you can make.

We also offer GAP insurance, giving you more protection on a new purchase (available for cars, motorcycles, vehicles, and RVs). Gap insurance pays for the difference between your vehicle’s worth and the amount you still owe on your loan repayments if your vehicle is written off after an accident.

Join T&I Credit Union Today

While you can inquire about a credit union loan at any time, we cannot officially begin the application process until you become a T&I Credit Union member.

As a Michigan-based credit union, we serve Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, and the surrounding counties. Visit your local branch and become a member today.

T&I Credit Union members benefit from additional services, including free credit score analysis, a Money Manager online financial tracker, a mobile app, and much more. We even allow members to skip a payment once per year in case you need some extra cash to pay for a child’s birthday party or a family vacation.

For more information on our loans or to become a member, visit T&I Credit Union today, or call us at (800) 589-7225.


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