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Owning a motorcycle is a big responsibility, but it’s an incredible source of joy for millions of riders around the country. Since they’re small and light, they can be a priceless companion for day trips or can fit into your truck’s back for longer vacations across open roads.

Paying for your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a motorcycle loan, you can get on the road and make the most of your time without waiting to save up money. Whether you’re getting a basic entry-level model or upgrading to the bike of your dreams, make the call to your local credit union for the best loan possible.

Credit union vs. banks

Traditional banks are for-profit institutions and don’t always work to give you the best rate possible. They often advertise low rates to help them compete, and then hit customers with fees and red tape later on.

Even if you currently use a bank, your best option is a local credit union. Credit unions can put their members first because they are member-controlled nonprofit financial institutions.

A local credit union in Birmingham will know about local market conditions and the cost of living considerations to make sure you can afford your loan. Friendly credit union loan officers can answer any questions you have about your loan options and make sure you’re set to hit the road.

Loan terms and conditions

The loan rates and terms offered to you may vary depending on several factors, including the motorcycle’s cost and age. T&I Credit Union’s loans for new motorcycles have a loan term of 60 months and require a 10% down payment. Loans for used motorcycles have a term of 60 months.

Although interest rates can vary depending on market conditions and your credit history, we strive to provide rates as low as 7.49% (subject to approval). You can reduce your total loan amount and even get a lower interest rate by making a larger down payment. Talk to a loan officer today to find out more about our motorcycle finance solutions.

Michigan motorcycle loans and more

T&I Credit Union is your hometown source for motorcycle loans, auto loans, and other financial services for your family. We serve the greater Detroit metro area, and membership is free to anyone who lives, works, or worships in our seven-county area. Call us today at (800) 338-3908 to learn more about our services.


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