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No matter how big or small your family, there will be times in your life when you need a little extra cash to help get you through. Even families with relatively high incomes sometimes have to deal with home repairs, college tuition, or other costs that just can’t wait.

Personal loans from your local credit union can help you deal with these expenses, or can help you repay past debts. Credit unions offer financial products ranging from student loans to debt consolidation, making them much more than just a place to have a savings or checking account.

Why Credit Unions?

Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are member-controlled nonprofits that focus on providing services instead of making money. They generally charge less in fees and interest because they aren’t trying to make a profit for outside shareholders. Plus, they are generally more willing to provide a loan with bad credit or no credit, so they’re a great option for families with low credit scores.

Credit unions also provide personal service, and have experienced loan officers on hand to discuss your options and answer questions about loan offers. A local credit union will even know more about the local cost of living and what you realistically should be paying per month to repay a loan.

Loan Options

Personal loans include certain long-term loans like student loans, which you can take advantage of to further your career. Since student loan repayments don’t start until after you graduate, you can focus on your studies and not have extra bills to worry about during class.

Short-term installment loan options include home improvement loans and other loans to cover sudden expenses. You can also use a debt consolidation plan to pay off existing debts, then pay back a new loan at a lower rate.

Choosing the Right Credit Union

T&I Credit Union is your hometown credit union with a huge range of financial services to meet your needs. We serve the Birmingham area and seven counties in the Detroit Metro region. We pride ourselves on providing the same services at better rates than banks or anywhere else.

Whether you’re in good financial shape or need a bad credit personal loan, we’ll work with you to make your financial future brighter. Find out more about our loans online or call us at 1 (800)-338-3908.


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